Herman Miller X Logitech G Embody Gaming Chair

To make sure we can offer our world-leading 12-year warranty on the Embody Gaming Chair, we need to do some extra testing which is taking longer than expected.


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  • No Assembly Required
  • 12-Year, 24-Hour Usage Warranty
    12-Year, 24-Hour Usage Warranty

    The Embody Gaming Chair, Nevi Gaming Desk and Ollin Monitor Arm all have 12-year warranties with the base of the table being covered for 5-years. Our warranty covers everything – including electrical components, castors, pneumatic cylinders, tilts and all moving mechanisms.

  • Free Standard Shipping
    Free Standard Shipping

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  • 14-Day, No-Hassle Returns
    14-Day, No-Hassle Returns

    We want you to be happy with your gaming product! If you are not satisfied with an item purchased online from the Herman Miller Store, we will happily accept return items for a full refund within 14 days of delivery. Please contact our Customer Support team on 0800 0654 424 or email europe_online@hermanmiller.com so that we can arrange for your item[s] to be collected on a mutually agreed date. Collections are free-of-charge. Exchanges and refunds will be issued once the item[s] has reached Herman Miller, provided that the item[s] has been returned in the condition in which it was delivered.

Adjusting Embody

Fine-tune the chair into a highly personalised fit that gives you exceptional support – whether you're leaning forward in the zone or taking a break in a nice recline.

A close-up video of a person’s hand adjusting the BackFit on a black Embody Gaming Chair.
BackFit™ Adjustment

Reach behind you and turn the BackFit™ knob clockwise to make the adjustment work with your unique spinal curvature, which will properly align your head to your monitor.

A close-up image of the side of the Embody Gaming Chair with a person adjusting seat height mechanism.
Adjustable seat height

Move the seat up or down until your feet are flat on the floor, giving you an anchor point for gaming.

Our products are made in the USA with durable, sustainable materials.

An Embody Gaming Chair, shown from the side, in a testing machine at the Herman Miller manufacturing site.
Enduring Design

Unlike other gaming chairs on the market, you won't have to replace Embody every few years. We rigorously test each and every one of our products, which means they’re built to last.


Total Height: 1067–1143 mm
Width: 749 mm
Depth: 381–457 mm
Seat Height: 432–559 mm
Distance from Seat to Armrest: 165–290 mm
Maximum Warrantied Weight: 136 kg

Product Details

Fully Adjustable Arms
PostureFit® Spinal Support
Adjustable Seat Depth
Tilt Limiter
Hard Floor/Carpet Wheels
No Assembly Required
Cooling Foam

Care and Maintenance

To maintain quality, please follow the cleaning and care procedures outlined here.

View Full Care and Maintenance Instructions

Warranty and Service

Warranty Covers: 12 Years, 24-Hour Usage

View Full Warranty Details

Environmental Highlights

The Embody Gaming Chair is made up of at least 44% recycled materials and is up to 96% recyclable at the end of its life.

View Chair Recycling Guide


How is this chair different from the original Embody chair?

We’ve teamed up with Logitech G to make updates to the chair specifically for gamers. The seat has an additional layer of foam to better support your posture while you play, and we’ve developed new technology to keep you cool, too.

Why doesn’t the chair have a headrest? Can I add one?

The Embody Gaming Chair’s ergonomic design is advanced enough that you don’t need one. You don’t need a headrest when you’re standing, and the chair’s features cause your body to mimic that same posture. We do not offer a headrest addition and are confident that once you play in Embody, you won’t miss it in the slightest.

Why is there no lumbar pillow?

A well-designed chair doesn’t need one! Embody has lumbar and sacral support built right in.

Does the chair support LightSync?

It doesn't, but we're excited to keep updating our gaming products. Be sure that you're signed up to our newsletter to be the first to hear about future gaming updates.

What did Logitech contribute to this design?

Logitech G brought their innovation in gaming technology and deep understanding of the needs of gamers to the table. They helped inform product updates and collaborated with Herman Miller’s engineers on the enhancements to our products.

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