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Enabling you to sit at whatever height you want or take a break to stand, the Nevi Gaming Desk will perfectly set you up for the game.

A video features a hand pressing on the lit-up switch on the Nevi Gaming Desk, which raises or lowers its height.
Just The Right Height

You can raise or lower Nevi to the exact height you’d like it with the easy touch of a switch. When you’re in between games, you can raise it to standing height to stretch your legs.


Total Height: 650–1250 mm
Width: 1500 mm
Depth: 750 mm
Desktop Thickness: 25 mm
Maximum Lift Capacity: 75 kg

Product details

Simple Touch Switch
Anti-Glare Tabletop
Cable Management


Tools Required: 8 mm Hex bit, 5 mm Hex bit, Pozi bit, power driver, spirit level, torque wrench, 9mm open spanner
Effort: Two people, 1–2 hours

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Care and Maintenance

To maintain quality, please follow the cleaning and care procedures outlined here. For warranty information, please reference the Warranty and Service Details below.

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Warranty and Service

Worksurface Warranty Covers: 12 Years
Base Warranty Covers: 5 Years


Which monitor arms are compatible with this desk?

Any monitor arm compatible with a 25mm-thick desktop will work with the Nevi. The Ollin arm is a perfect fit, but almost all clamp-based models will be compatible.

Does this desk include power or USB outlets?

It doesn’t, but it does have a cable housing tray underneath it for the desk’s cord that powers the up/down mechanism.

Is the lift capacity in addition to the desktop itself?

Yep! No need to subtract the weight of the tabletop itself.

How Long Will This Take To Assemble?

If you and a friend have the right tools (8 mm Hex bit, 5 mm Hex bit, Pozi bit, power driver, spirit level, torque wrench, open spanner), you can put the desk together in one to two hours.

Can I add a hammock to this desk?

It’s possible, but if you drill holes into your desk, you will void your warranty if the reason for your claim relates to the holes. In regard to the warranty, you also need to consider the desk’s weight limit.

Can I mount a rig to the bottom of this desk?

It’s possible, but if you do, you put the warranty at risk since you’d have to drill new holes (see above).

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